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There is another noun sliver given, which is of doubtful meaning and need not concern us here.

The cake packaging was obviously using slither in the sense of a slice, a piece cut off a lemon. Under those definitions, this could be either sliver in its first meaning, or the last option of the last meaning of slither, in which it has the same meaning as sliver.

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On page 40, he starts: If she with ivory fingers drive a tune through the lyre, We look at the process How easy the moving fingers; if hair is mussed on her forehead, If she goes in a gleam of Cos, in a slither of dyed stuff, There is a volume in the matter; if her eyelids sink into sleep, There are new jobs for the author, And if she plays with me with her shirt off, We shall construct many Iliads. The only dictionary meaning of slither which makes any sense there is the last, which could perhaps be either of the first senses, but is more plausibly that which is the same as the first meaning of sliver, or possibly even its fourth meaning, the band of loose and untwisted fibres.

It thus looks possible that Pound used slither for sliver. There are then two quotations which apply slithers to water: Only after rain, when the rocks are hung with slithers of water like lace curtains against the black slate. Again only the last meaning of slither is plausible, and they may have been using it instead of sliver. Whilst silk fabric is certainly smooth and slippery, this again could have been a sliver meaning.

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On OALD I found the definition of " to slither " which means to move forwards either in a smooth way to slide or uncontrolled to glide. In the given sentence this would only make sense if it's about how smooth this lemon tart goes down the gullet. But I don't think that it is meant like this.

Moreover, wouldn't it be " a slithering lemon tart "?! Thinking about the sentence and what it could be I'm assuming that it could mean " a part of ", but I don't find any proof.

So, which is the correct meaning of " a slither of " and which words are best synonyms for it? This is a misspelling of sliver. So a slither of lemon tart or apple cake really means a sliver of lemon tart or apple cake. It is implying a thin slice of the cake or pie. Apparently this mistake has made it into common parlance, as attested by this entry from oxforddictionaries.

As we can see from the origin of slither. Meaning "to walk in a sliding manner" is attested from In ref. Related: Slithered; slithering. They are not related. It isn't until the beginning of the s that slither appears where sliver should, in writing.

It's hard to tell without knowing the source, but while Matt is certainly correct that a "sliver" would be more conventional, and that it could be an eggcorn or mis-spelling -- it's also entirely possible that it is deliberate. Digital and print licence bundle. All of your commercial print, digital and web uses for 1 year.

The View from the Blue House: A thin slither of light

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