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The German Encounter with American Culture after 1945

The creation of an understanding of and love for America and the desire of immigrants to remain in America, have a home here, and support American institutions and laws.

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The task of producing good United States citizens from the millions of men and women of alien birth who are in this country, and who in normal times come here by the hundreds of thousands yearly, appears to resolve itself into two problems: First, America must be made to seem to these people a good place, not merely to make money in, but to live in. Second, they must be induced to give up the languages, customs, and methods of life which they have brought with them across the ocean, and adopt instead the language, habits, and customs of this country, and the general standards and ways of American living.

What is this Americanism? It is not internationalism; it is the most intense nationalism, because through this Nation mankind is to be served.

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Americanism is not pacifism, because Americanism is courage, and there can be no such thing as manhood or womanhood without courage. Americanism is not cynicism; it is enthusiasm.

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Americanism is not indifference; it is purpose. It is not being carried away with the idea that there is some guiding fate that will lead us in some mysterious way into the happy land. It is a consciousness through our whole being that things can be achieved by work and by will, and that is the lesson that you are to carry that you are carrying, that you are preaching every day to the children of America.

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And how can you do it? You can do it by teaching American history in the American tongue, by giving American standards, by letting American boys and girls know that the history of the United States is not a mere series of fugitive incidents, remote, separated, unrelated, but is a philosophy going through the history of I40 years; by teaching them that those men in America are noble who contribute to the elevation of American ideals and that those men are ignoble who do not add to the march of this philosophy of mankind.

What is Americanization? Charles W. They also highlight the key roles played by the Vietnam War and Hollywood in both the acceptance and the rejection of American culture. Overall, this study is a very welcome addition to the literature on the American role in the wider process of globalization. The book may be helpful as well in searching for explanations of anti-Americanism in other countries, because it deals with so many aspects of this phenomenon, ranging from the political to the cultural.

The Americanization of the British Press, 1830s-1914

The ongoing discussions about globalization, American hegemony and September 11 and its aftermath have moved the debate about the export of American culture and cultural anti-Americanism to center stage of world politics. At such a time, it is crucial to understand the process of culture transfer and its effects on local societies and their attitudes toward the United States.

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This volume presents Germany as a case study of the impact of American culture throughout a period characterized by a totalitarian system, two unusually destructive wars, massive ethnic cleansing, and economic disaster. Drawing on examples from history, culture studies, film, radio, and the arts, the authors explore the political and cultural parameters of Americanization and anti-Americanism, as reflected in the reception and rejection of American popular culture and, more generally, in European-American relations in the "American Century.

Such contacts might convey not only ideas and values about politics and economics, but also attitudes about race.

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  8. Yet the prominence of second-generation Slavic people in the post—World War II racial conflicts suggests that newer immigrants had absorbed popular racial prejudices in the intervening generation. Yet the persistence of distinct ethnic enclaves and organizations from earlier generations, in addition to the more recent influx of Asian, Latin American, African, and other immigrants, all suggest that Americanization in Chicago has been a gradual and uneven process.

    Americanization in Chicago. The report of a survey made by authority and under direction of the Chicago Community Trust.

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