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Birding Tours Thailand - What?

Highest numbers on Phuket, also a few at Krabi and Laem Pakarang each winter, 3 or 4.

Phi-phi Islands. Nam Nao and Khao Yai. More common than one might think, just hard to see. Thaksin Maharat NP is good to see it,. Very common at Kaeng Krachan Phanoem. Thung area but very hard to see there.

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Equally hard to see on Doi Inthanon and Doi Ang. Khao Sok is probably the best site with Khao Nor Chuchi ok too. Very few sightings reported 1 of a female at start of B trail. Birds seem to be gone from U-trail but still present on B. Very hard to see in winter. Also Krung Ching. Irregular sightings at Khao Yai and Kaeng Krachan. Doi Inthanon, best is Feb. Krabi and Yaring mangrove boardwalk near Pattani. Doi Lang, hard to get though.

Few at Khao Nor Chuchi, the only reliable site for it in Thailand. Wat Phra Phutthabat Noi near Saraburi, where reliable. Phang-nga mangrove boardwalks.


Best on 34,5 and 37,5 jeep tracks on Doi Inthanon in April-May. Year round sightings from.

Na Haeo NP. Bala NP only. Phang-nga mangroves, but hard to get. Hard to find. Hope this will help you choosing target species and places to visit on your next trip to Thailand. Anyway, enjoy the birding on your holiday in Thailand! For each species, a description of the best places to find them in Thailand follows.


Special attention went to those birds reliably found in a special spot. The reason is that there is no point to mention them if there is either insufficient information to go find the species in Thailand or the species might just be a lot easier to find in some other Asian country. Silent in winter but very vocal in spring and this is when it becomes clear that they are actually fairly common.

Bala NP is probably the better site, just unfortunately this is in the troubled South and not safe to visit these days. Reliable in northern Peninsular Malaysia. Speckled is definitely more rare and possibly only wintering -Pale-capped Pigeon ; Guaranteed at Thung Kha mangroves near Chumphon, from November until February. Very common at Kaeng Krachan Phanoem Thung area but very hard to see there.

Looking for a hotel? Use the ' special requests ' field to ask us about the lodging options. Select an existing tour package, or leave it empty and choose the duration, below. Tontan Travel. The Python Hunters found you,. Wreathed Hornbill Wreathed Hornbill in Thailand. This male came to visit its nest in Khao Yai.

Our guides know the parks and know stake outs where you're likely to see special birds like this.

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Thailand's Most Endangered Birds

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