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It was both out of place within the article, and out of place as part of the article itself. After some revision, I think such a comment would be better placed within the Bengal Tiger article instead of this general Tiger article. NOTE: Wikipedia is not the place to satisfy juvenile fantasies about which is badder - tiger or lion. I noticed that a kid from Denmark IP address starting with octet has been repeatedly vandalizing both lion and tiger pages with his comparative opinions. Please refrain from doing this and post scientific data only.

Please have the good nature to keep your moronic interpretations regarding other peoples fantasies, strictly within your own head. First of all, it is 'worse' not 'badder'. Second of all, I did not start comparisons, I merely corrected them. When you, or some other ignorant tiger lover, say 'the tiger is the largest and most powerful cat', well, I'm sure you can see that he just compared the tiger to all other cats.

So, the real question is whether I am right or not. I kindly ask you to go to a museum of natural history where they have both lions and tigers, and open those two sweet little germs in your skull, and see for yourself that indeed there is little differense between lions and tigers in size. The vandalism, my good man, is entirely yours. No doubt, with the best intentions, you show yourself to be one of the many enslaved minds that retard the progress of human understanding, by subscribing to one of those rumors that have been set in motion and are now virtually unstoppable because everybody seems to have heard it from a different source.

The truth is of course that they have all heard the same disseminated 'truth' that no one bothers to investigate. This is a major problem in biology, medicine and in highly emotional issues, which lion vs tiger surely is to you.

So, please do look at facts and stop reversing my edits back to repeating those same old and false lines. I don't understand the relevance of the two edits made recently. I removed both immediately tonight. Here's one:. This article is not written to correct such vague, supposed "common misunderstandings" - I have never heard of this misunderstanding.

Tigers are built more to hunt; male lions serve mainly as fighters - to defend a kill, to defend a pride, and to take over a pride. This does not suggest that tigers do not fight, that they will not fight to the end, and that tigers are not aggressive. An obvious possible result of territorial fighting is both parties being severely injured. I don't know why anyone would expect a large predator especially a cat to live longer in the wild. My man, the tiger does not hunt the type of animal that the lion does. If you think that a lone tiger could charge a heard of Cape Buffalo, break one off, and then actually take it down by himself There is a reason why lions hunt as a group.

The animals they face are far more formidable in size and aggressiveness then the ones the tiger faces. You talk about what the tiger does, but the lions are the only animals in the world that can be credited as taking down full grown elephants. Check YouTube. Hi Nil, The male lions do hunt sometimes, but no that often you to be called frequently. Most of the times it doesn't hunt at all. The cases in which male lions hunt belong to lone lions which haven't found a pride to gain posession of, or one being kicked out of his pride.

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Sometimes, male lions help lionesses in big prey hunting, such as buffalo or giraffe. Other than that, male lions spend most of their time dozing. One thing undeniable about tigers and lions: On sensing lions, rhinos and elephants get angry and chase them away, especially ones with cubs.

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But, on sensing a tiger, both rhinos and elephant go uneasy and wary, and they do not dare interfere with one. Dude, there is a big difference between the African rhino and Elepant and their Asian counterparts. African Elephants are much bigger and far more aggressive, same with the Rhino. The Indian Rhino and Elephant would be just as weary of a lion as they are of the tiger.

And the tiger would get his ass chased by the African counterparts, same as the lion. That's a very uneducated comparison you are making. Hi, truly, I don't understand what you are saying. Indian rhino is only slighly smaller than white rhinos, kg on average, and kg in captivity. And, their skin is thicker than that of the white rhino, what's more, their teeth is such a formidable weapons that grow to 60cm long. In fact, they can walk thru horny bushes that deny even elephants, and they kill more people in Nepal than do tigers and leopards.

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More aggressive my foot! And uneducated, the same can be said of you! About the elephant, I'm sorry, I think the ear of the elephant blinds you too much. On average, the male asian elephant is 4.

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Big ones: 5. The 12 ton killed in is a classic, one in a million. So not much bigger here man, what's much bigger is the ear. And the skin of the asian guy is thicker than that of the african cousin, not to mention they are more intelligent. What says you? And now wary, hey, watch "untamed africa" series and "into the lion's dense" and see for yourself, I don't waste words arguing on facts. The guy who puts: The preys lions take on are larger and more aggressive than those of tigers. That's rubbish. Then you should get to know the gaur and asian buffaloes, tiger's regular preys, before talking big.

Cape buffalo is only a small version of the asian wild buffalo, let alone comparing to the huge gaur. And you should know one thing, a lone tiger dare charge a herd of buffaloes and a herd of elephants, a lone lion dares not. The difference in courage is so obvious. You think I'm a bigot defending tiger?

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Think twice! I come to the tiger thru the gaur and water buffaloes, so do I lions.


And the lions disappoint me all the time, not able to kill anything large by itself, and have a fear for rhinos and elephants. Yeah ok Tiger fanboy. You show me one bit of legit evidence pics or clips of a tiger charging a grown rhino, elephant, or a heard of buffalo. Can the tiger fly too? And I've yet to see one bit of physicaly evidence of a tiger taking down a fully grown gaur. You'de think with it being such a "fact" there would be at least 1 documented example. There is video footage of lions attacking buffalo, hippos, rhinos, and even elephants.

Yet I never see footage like that about tigers, nothing but talk. There's tons of footage of tigers attacking deer and such, but I've NEVER seen it confront a full grown bull, rhino, or elephant. And you'de think that with the gaur being a so-called "regular prey" for the tiger, there would be footage like that.

That's all fairy tales. I do think comparisons between lions and tigers are relevant, not just because they appeal to the boy inside of us who wants to know who is the 'biggest and baddest on the block' but because they highlight their very similar functions as top predators and how they fill out that role in different ways.

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I do sense that there is a 'tiger lobby' on the internet that wishes to see it named the biggest and most powerful cat in the world despite what evidence has to say.