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​4 Things I Discovered After Forcing Myself to Run Every Morning

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The Workout

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4. Modeh Ani Song (English)

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Do These 3 Things EVERY Morning!

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The early bird also catches the best bowel movement.

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Many people rise as day breaks to get in exercise or other chores and errands before work - these "larks" might have inherited such traits Credit: Getty Images. Humans and their sleep patterns are guided by circadian patterns — that is, hour internal clocks that trigger alertness and sleepiness at regular intervals. Based on these circadian patterns, researchers group people into two broad groups: larks early risers and sleepers and owls late risers and sleepers.

Every Morning (Sugar Ray song) - Wikipedia

Barnes says there is some natural variation across the population, but that many of us tend to be larks as children, veer toward owls as adolescents, and as we get older, sway back to larkhood. Many of us are early risers as children, then become night owls as young adults before switching back to early risers as older adults Credit: Getty Images. And some people who subscribe to extreme schedules — and then tell everyone about it — might be driven by a different motivation.

But why do so many people like to brag about how soon they start their day? One study in looked at working adults and found that those who started work later in the day received worse performance ratings from their supervisors, who perceived them to be less conscientious employees. Are you trying to impress people?