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We don't know each other that well. I certainly wouldn't bare my soul to her. Need a translator?

Tend to Your Heart and Passion Will Follow

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Heart And Soul Bonds

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Dictionary apps. In looking back at ancient manuscripts as well as at modern science and speaking with many other researchers and based on my own many years of practice, my expert opinion is that the spiritual heart is what modern medicine and psychology call both unconscious and subconscious.

Feeling Your Feelings - Heart of the Soul

Primarily physically centered in the right brain, the spiritual heart includes the limbic system, hippocampus, the medulla and reticular formation. Those systems are where images and spatial, rather than linear, learning originate.

Everyday Power

Meaning and purpose also originate from here. Now compared to the spiritual heart, the soul is more left brain and conscious mind. Neuropsychologist Roger Sperry pioneered research on how the left brain differs from the right brain.

What Is The Heart?

He was the first to scientifically validate the distinction between the left brain versus right brain and won the Nobel Prize for his work. We have both for a reason, and they work in concert. What about feelings?

We hear the term interchanged with emotions but feelings are different than emotions. Feelings come from the heart and from the unconscious mind and how it relates to our memories. Our emotions, however, are always related to our current circumstances.

Lizz Wright - My Heart

One of the incredible things to me in my years of working with people is that 99 percent of the time when someone is struggling with something that is coming from their heart or subconscious they will swear on the Bible that it is because of their current circumstances.

But they are wrong!

I See Blue Eyes...

Why is this? We have an inherent need to have a reason.

They could have made a big difference in the world.