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If you were fired for some sort of gross negligence or heinous ethical lapse, that's clearly going to be a bigger stain on your record that simply leading an initiative that didn't quite succeed. But in cases where getting fired stemmed from a mismatch of skills and requirements at a given company or simple lack of results, the prognosis looks downright sunny. In fact, some companies actively look for those who have tanked in the past, as it indicates boldness and resilience. HomeAway co-founder Brian Sharples explained to Inc.

And when a recent WSJ piece revealed Netflix is quick to fire struggling team members, the company's response was to stress being let go was no shame and didn't hold ex-employees back in their subsequent careers.

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Getting cut, when it happens, is very disappointing but there is no shame at all. Both Netflix's competitors and companies like HomeAway realize that not failing is often the result of not trying.

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Reaching and coming up short demonstrates you're not afraid to dream big. All of which adds up to a simple lesson: you really shouldn't let your fear of getting fired keep you from taking risks. Playing it safe will harm you more in the long run than daring and failing. How do you do that exactly?

5 steps to go from fired to hired

Check out the complete HBR post for useful concrete advice. Getting fired can actually be good for your career. Surprisingly,being fired or terminated from a job is not that uncommon - 1. In fact, according to a U.

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Department of Labor JOLTS report, an average of 56, people were laid off or fired each day, in the first half of , including weekends and holidays. Since most of us but not all of us in the USA are employees "at will" without laws or regulations, a union, or a contract protecting us, we can be fired for any reason -- or for no reason at all -- by our employers. So, if you've been terminated or fired, you're in good company. But that doesn't make answering the question, "Why did you leave your last job?

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If your departure was somewhat amicable due to the position not being a good fit, a lack of communication over job responsibilities, or failure to recognize warning signs during the interview process, it's best to talk about it from a "sadder but wiser" perspective. When possible, sandwich your response between two positive statements.

Don't dwell on the experience.

Answer the question, briefly and positively examples below , and move on. Remember all the good things you have accomplished in your career and life. Being fired is a "speed bump" in your career that has happened to literally millions of people who have gone on to have great careers. No trash talk in a job interview or networking situation.

What To Do After You've Been Fired, According To HR Professionals

Chalk your termination up to it being a learning experience, and take pride in the fact that you persevered through a challenging situation and did your best for as long as you possibly could. Positive When I was originally hired as the [job title], the description and expectations of the job were very different from the job that I actually ended up doing. It was apparent from the start that there were some communication problems and philosophical differences, and I struggled early on. There was little direction from the supervisor, tasks were not explained very well, and it seemed like the place was in a constant state of flux. Positive I work best in a team environment, and am accustomed to being in an environment where everyone supports and encourages one another. Negative I realized very quickly after I started working for my last employer that there was a significant amount of internal conflict within the organization and a high percentage of turnovers.

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