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Wow, what a ride. I shall agree with most of the readers here, this book is not for the faint hearted. Both of them were obsessed with each other, obsessed beyond words, thus leading to tremendous sexual extremeness. One thing I think it stands out and Wow, what a ride.

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One thing I think it stands out and one shall obtain from reading this book, is that here we have a really unique female character in terms of sexuality, she's quite the exact opposite of how usually feme-fatalles' or even next-door-girls' sexuality is portrayed in literature. Although I reckon that upon finishing the book Victor can be easily seen as the victim and Kelly as a psychotic, sadistic bitch. Griffiths writing skills are not to be taken lightly, you can feel what the characters feel, see what they see. I found that reading the same story twice as it was experienced from both parties was brilliant.

Nope, it was utterly depressing. I have been a dedicated reader for almost a decade and I can truly say, this was one of the most intense stories that I have ever crossed paths with. Really depressive, harsh, nihilistic and left me utterly gutter when I finished reading the last word, but I was completely, purely overwhelmed at the same time. Both characters' psychology is well described and unlike Fifty shades of Grey or so, the story looks a little bit more realistic.

I'm curious to see the movie though Some scenes the "engraving" scene are pretty hard to read but this part of the story really aroused my curiosity regarding both characters' reactions. Aug 31, Jon rated it did not like it. Gave up after the first sixty or so pages, unrelentingly grim, negative and depressing. Jul 08, Lucie rated it it was ok. My ex recommended this as the most influential book in his life, and Griffiths' success has prompted him to become a writer, showing that it's okay to write about ordinary everyday things.

The boy has done well for himself in the field so fair play to him and Griffiths can be credited. Unfortunately he also sold me it as a naughty book to wipe off the stale aftertaste that 50 shades disappointingly left on my palate.

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It was a bit of a letdown on that count. I did have to restart this book once My ex recommended this as the most influential book in his life, and Griffiths' success has prompted him to become a writer, showing that it's okay to write about ordinary everyday things. I did have to restart this book once as I simply couldn't cope with those nasal Scouse accents.

The book is written largely in phonetic, conveying the accent very well - a good and bad thing. I could just hear them in my head going 'eeeee lad'. I did enjoy reading the deeply detailed and carefully thought through sex scenes. However, as someone pointed out I did find the violence in the book hard to understand. I knew what was going to happen from around page But then again this did resonate with me and my inability to keep away from the person that's hurting me, if in an incomparably less extreme way.

In that way this was a well developed study of a self-destructive obsession - certainly not love as the blurb on the back and my ex would have it. I was so angry that I had to read the thing twice over. As I was getting towards the end of 'Kelly' I almost stopped, but wanted to push through even if the reading was making me feel uncomfortable. Luckily 'Kelly' was less repetitive than expected.

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Still preferred reading Victor's part as I felt genuinely sorry for him. Kelly is just a mad bint. Apr 10, Craig rated it it was amazing. If you thought Nick Caves latest wasn't smutty or debauched enough. Kelly and Victor takes things to a whole new and profoundly disturbing level. Nov 22, Clodia Metelli rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-fiction.

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A reread after about ten years but I'm still counting it towards my yearly total. Just as grimly absorbing as I remember. Apr 29, Elise rated it it was ok. A DNF for me - it was okay? This just wasn't the time for an okay read, as it was meant to be for a uni seminar and I've got too much on to be spending time reading something that didn't demand my attention.

Maybe I'll try again at a different date. Jan 21, April Sherlock rated it it was amazing. Quite dark, I liked the way the book is written as the the voices of the characters. Mar 09, Sarah Tomo rated it liked it.

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Very well written book. The scouse accent is very realistic, you can almost hear them. Seller Inventory n. Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory M Niall Griffiths. Publisher: Vintage , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Review : It's the dawn of the new millennium and most people in Liverpool are coping with a thousand-year hangover. Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks.

Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Vintage Publishing. Seller Rating:. Published by Vintage Publishing, United Kingdom New Paperback Quantity Available: Published by Random House UK New Softcover Quantity Available: 5.

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Kennys Bookshop and Art Galleries Ltd. Antonia Campbell-Hughes and Julian Morris make for a compelling focus as their tentative relationship explores more dangerous and graphic terrain. I didn't think I would watch this again so soon after seeing this for the first time.

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I just can't stop thinking about it and felt like watching it again. It's such a beautiful love story. Campbell-Hughes and Morris have such great chemistry. You really feel their love.

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The second time is even more powerful. You notice little things you didn't notice at first. The conversation in the museum is very important for example. The sex scenes really have a purpose here. And then there's the beautiful music. The ending is still heartbreaking. I really love this movie. They seem like a mundane young couple as they meet up, do dull things and don't really say anything interesting like most young people. The two end up back at her place for sex.

Rough sex, that leaves Victor bruised the next morning. Based on a novel by Niall Griffiths, Kieran Evans' film depicts the relationship between these two characters, at times tender, at times ugly and uncomfortable. The characters are well drawn and feel like honest, real people and the two leads fill the roles with conviction. Evans' direction is sure-footed and never exploitative or explicit, despite the sexual nature of the film. This review may contain spoilers.