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William Pitt was educated at Eton, and in January was entered as a gentleman commoner at Trinity College, Oxford. The best-known specimen of Pitt's eloquence, his reply to the sneers of Horatio Walpole at his youth and declamatory manner,which has found a place in somanyhandbooks of elocution, is evidently, in form at least, the work, not of Pitt, but of Dr Johnson, who furnished the report to the Gentleman 's Magazine.

He has been generally described as a mere voluptuary, but Nubar Pasha spoke of him as a true Turkish gentleman of the old school. While at supper about 6 o'clock an anonymous letter was brought by an unknown messenger which, having glanced at, he handed to Ward, a gentleman of his service and an intimate friend of Winter, the conspirator, to be read aloud. But in June Palmerston returned to power, and it was on this occasion that he proposed to Cobden, one of his most constant opponents, to take office, and on the refusal of that gentleman Milner Gibson was appointed to the board of trade, although he had been the prime mover of the defeat of the government on the Conspiracy Bill.

That officer, when over seventy years, and having already nine daughters and one son, because that son was a cripple, sought an alliance with a gentleman of the Yen clan, who had three daughters. In Donne formed the acquaintance of a wealthy gentleman , Sir Robert Drury of Hawsted, who offered him and his wife an apartment in his large house in Drury Lane. In two of these A Letter to a Gentleman in Holland, and Motion essential to Matter , ostensibly an attack on Spinoza, he anticipated some of the speculations of modern materialism.

Its gateway, erected in , and remaining in St John's Square, served various purposes after the suppression of the monasteries, being, for example, the birthplace of the Gentleman 's Magazine in , and the scene of Dr Johnson's work in connexion with that journal. It is the life of a modest, deep-hearted gentleman , whose highest ambition was to be a perfect man, and, through sympathy and love, to help others to be the same. In Thomas Winter, at the instance of Catesby, in whose mind the gunpowder plot had now taken definite shape, introduced himself to Fawkes in Flanders, and as "a confident gentleman ," "best able for this business," brought him on to England as assistant in the conspiracy.

Requesens was only "a gentleman of cloak and sword" caballero de capa y espada , though by the king's favour he was "grand commander" of the military order of Santiago in Castile.

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Even so, the issue of the struggle was for long doubtful, and there were moments when it might have ended by a policy of wise concession; but the Americans, though reduced at times to desperate straits, had the advantage of fighting in their own country, and above all they found in George Washington a leader after the model of the English country gentleman who had upheld the standard of liberty against the Stuarts, and worthy of the great cause for which they fought. Published under the cover, of a pseudonym at Geneva in , it was supposed to be addressed by a gentleman of Verona, Severinus de Monzambano, to his brother Laelius.

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He graduated at Oxford in , and in was appointed one of the royal commissioners for Canada, in which office he won the personal favour of Charles I. It is known that Disraeli's private secretary, Mr Ralph Earle, quarrelled with him violently at about this time; and Sir William Fraser relates that, meeting Mr Earle, that gentleman said: "I know what your feelings must be about this Reform Bill, and I think it right to tell you that it was not Disraeli's bill, but Lord Derby's.

Locke includes it among the books necessary to the complete education of a gentleman.

His daughter Louise married against his will a gentleman of no rank, and this led to terrible family dissensions. During his last days he lived as a private gentleman on a small pension given him by Henry IV.

He had retained all the habits of a country gentleman of his native Beam, careless, familiar, boastful, thrifty, cunning, combined since his sojourn at the court of the Valois with a taint of corruption. Swift, in his reply, abused him for his want of manners in giving a gentleman the lie, answered his arguments seriatim, and declared that the evidence of the publication of another almanac was wholly irrelevant, "for Gadbury, Poor Robin, Dove and Way do yearly publish their almanacs, though several of them have been dead since before the Revolution.

In he left San Germano, and went to Rome, where he became tutor in the house of a Florentine gentleman named Galeotto Caccia. He was the son of a Norman gentleman of learning and distinction, who would have played a great part in politics "sans ses diables de nerfs," as Guizot said. An English gentleman of the distinguished Buckinghamshire family of Verney was for a time among them at Algiers.

She was nearly forty, and had already corresponded seriously with Mme de Motteville on the project of establishing a ladies' society "sans mariage et sans amour," when a young Gascon gentleman named Puyguilhem, afterwards celebrated as M.

There were several other surprises in store for the gentleman had he managed to venture further into my home. In spite of his kind words, the conversation left me with the feeling we'd disappointed this incredibly generous gentleman. A dog-walking elderly gentleman swore he sighted the much publicized blue van and the search swung to that area. He'd never been mistaken for a gentleman , but the woman shimmered with a sweet, pure aura that made him feel obliged to behave. The door behind her opened, and Czerno stepped in, trailed by the older, silent gentleman with bright green eyes.

Ever the gentleman , Wynn cleared the table and returned with two drinks: warm, spiced wine. Years of devouring that fiction genre helped formulate a world where intrigue crept around every corner for the dapper gentleman.

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While these endeavors had produced zero income, the activities endeared him to the local ladies of the historical society who fluttered around the dapper gentleman like chicks at feed time. This handsome gentleman is going to suck your blood and you will enjoy his attention. I wouldn't be no gentleman if I told you her name but she wasn't just some pig. Sure, he was a pompous ass, but the truth is, he could have been a complete gentleman and I don't think it would have made any difference.

An amiable gentleman , Peter, has popped a message in the guestbook. This well known gentleman purchased other lands adjoining, and included these under the general title of Yorkhill estate. In full tilt gentleman adventurer mode now that he has his own label, Jah Wobble is setting up sessions like a demon. The ancestors of this gentleman have for ages obtained the distinguished appellation of Kings of Patterdale.

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The slightly Bohemian looking, disheveled old gentleman with the sad eyes became the symbol of the power of the mind. Saunderson also inhabited the borderlands between the world of the Namierite independent country gentleman and modern mass politics, between Southern and Ulster Unionism. For today we have Big Brother; gentleman Ben and the other castaways are last-year's loves. The gentleman email hotmail email gmail com service service stanched his wound in terrible silence. But that was long ago.

H enry Ireton was born at Attenborough, near Nottingham, the eldest of five sons of a minor country gentleman. The interview is interrupted by a telephone call from the gentleman cracksman himself. A gentleman in the audience had traveled from Cardiff to see this croup - how's that for enthusiasm? An Eton man, Oxford graduate and rowing blue, Hugh is to many the quintessential slightly daffy English gentleman.

Gentleman on his early career move to join the Liberal democrats rather than the Labor party. It was described in the Gentleman 's Magazine " The very many disgusting if not depraved exhibitions of human nature in the paintings. Brian tells of his temptation to use the derailleur when we passed him, but being the English gentleman , he resisted. In jeans and a short sleeved shirt, he is now the rural farming gentleman , his white djellaba hung on a peg somewhere. The first fuel cell was built in by Sir William Grove, a Welsh judge and gentleman scientist.

Barry Gunner, as the reverend gentleman whose daughter is the first to be stricken by devil fever, has unusually good diction. Charmin ' Virginia gentleman way i figured that out hr she says to explore the. Brian Lever Very sorry to hear of Dave's death; he was indeed a very sporting gentleman , with a quiet wit. The spirit of the gentleman amateur flickers and dies in the harsh glare of searchlights over the Ruhr. Gentleman has rather glossed over what I actually said, which is that we will meet our Kyoto targets.

It seemed that the gentleman was no less a person than a Russian grand duke, in fact the exiled of the Tzar Nicholas. The gentleman 's stuffed chicken thigh was a work of art, which he devoured with his usual gusto. Gentleman 's remarks about being willing to support the industry have a rather hollow ring. My previous vehicle was a Jap import, a Toyota Surf, in fact it did belong to a Japanese gentleman from Osaka.

The following account submitted to the Gentleman 's Magazine recalls the incident thus: " Mr. Gentleman that compared to Hull, Kingston-upon-Thames looks rather leafy. The gentleman at the bus stop probably didn't realize my wide-angle lens would capture him.

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Ginger, Lois and Sparrow add a gentleman lodger to their vision of.. Gentleman would be pretty merciless if the answers were drafted and they turned out to be inaccurate. Quality bespoke gentleman 's outfitters selects specialist merchandising systems to support business growth They sent here a plenipotentiary, an honorable gentleman , very intelligent and possessing general confidence. I remember a very pleasant elderly gentleman who frequented Victoria Park, who always had a pocketful of sweets for the children.

Letters to His Son on the Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman Part 2/3

We'll start, if you don't mind the unintentional pun, with the gentleman to my right.