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You get angry easily. Here are some things you can try to feel better: Talk to someone you trust , such as a friend or a family member. Write down your feelings.

Saddest Moments in Football *TRY NOT TO CRY*

Face things head on. Try not to stay in bed all day avoiding things. I feel so alone You never have to cope with emotional problems on your own. What can I do now? Okay, but is she the saddest? Far from it! Unless we eventually get some tragic backstory about her parents being murdered by a karate instructor or something twist! Mostly no, because she is an innocent child, but sometimes yes, because she is a Pearson.

For someone who has only been on this earth for a short time, she has suffered loss both great Grandpa William! Is he sad? But his human parents are Kate and Toby, which is a real hit-or-miss, depending on the day. Okay, but is he the saddest? Baby Jack is over here trying to figure out breathing, meanwhile he has to listen to his mother and grandmother snap at each other all day long.

Not cool, ladies. Not yet! As much as any millennial playwright trying to get her show produced so she can show up her perfect sister. Nothing she does is ever good enough for her parents! She has one shot to make her playwright dreams come true and they cast the Manny! She gets sucked into the hellscape that is the Kevin Pearson-Olivia Maine melodrama! You take your pick. Her play is well received, despite that whole opening-night thing, in which the lead runs away to save his brother mere seconds before the show is about to begin.

So that, at least, works out.

Does that count? On top of all of that, she does have a hint of sadness to her. If this show tries to make me feel bad for this woman, so help me! Is it sad? Because for all its egg life, the front of the egg has gotten all the glory!

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What does the back get?! Okay, but is it the saddest? No way! Get yours, Sophie! Only a normal amount. We should all be more like Abe! Abe got a raw deal!

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  6. Well, the love of her life died from lung cancer and she pushed all of her children away with that aforementioned tough-mom act. Oh, you mean the creepy guy who works at a remote motel in the woods on Thanksgiving and enjoys scaring children by grilling them about the Mayflower while wearing a Pilgrim hat? Please see above. Surprisingly, no. Who could be sad after that double feature? Are they sad? Okay, but are they the saddest? I was going to ding them for that time they tried to stop Toby from marrying Kate because they had concerns, but honestly, that might just be good parenting. Is Olivia Maine really sad or is she just acting?

    Because Olivia Maine is a serious thespian!

    No Children is ranked 14th saddest song of the 21st Century by Paste

    Oh, and remember that time she was just trying to be a good friend to Kate, who was going into labor prematurely and the Pearson family basically kicked her out? Sometimes the Pearsons are the worst. She certainly makes me feel sad, but alas, she is not the saddest on this list. His marriage is falling apart and he thinks stealing a kid to fix it is a good idea! You may not remember the songs from Bambi as much as you may remember its most memorable moment, in which the mother of young deer Bambi is shot down by an off-screen hunter.

    However, with the context of what's to come for young Bambi and who he'll lose , it sounds a lot more heartbreaking. The story goes that he would ask the song's composers, brothers Richard and Robert Sherman, to come into his office and play the song on a whim. It's one of many stone-cold classic numbers from Mary Poppins , yet perhaps the saddest song in the film, in no small part because it's both something of a lullaby and a melodramatic solo with no compare.

    It's no wonder that, even though Mary Poppins Returns ' songs echoed its predecessor often, this song didn't get a parallel in the new film. How could it have measured up? Arguably, "My Own Home" is meant to be seductive. Or, if you like, Mowgli encountering this girl is enough to send him right into puberty.

    16 Sad Songs to Listen to When You Need a Good Cry

    But the point of the song is a little bleak, if not just a little backwards to consider: the nameless girl is fetching water, until she grows up to have a daughter of her own and cooks in her home. It's perhaps not inaccurate to the time period to hear a young woman sing of her life of metaphorical servitude, but no less sad to consider the monotony Mowgli is entering and the monotony she lives through every day.

    There's a subset of Disney fan that dearly adores this film, either for its laid-back nature or for its weirdly seductive lead fox characters. That's not a joke.

    16 Sad Songs to Listen to When You Need a Good Cry

    Google it. Most of the film's songs were written and performed by country singer Roger Miller, including its sole downer number, "Not in Nottingham. Of course, Robin Hood eventually saves the day, but this low point is emphasized by Miller's bluesy take. Though it's far from the best Disney animated film, you could make a solid argument that The Rescuers is perhaps the saddest. Each song in the film is melodramatic, but this one lays it on thick and makes it clear how hopeless Penny's plight is and how lonely a kid in her situation would be.

    This one's going straight for the tear ducts. Pete's Dragon is largely not a great film, and not well-remembered aside from being fodder for the much better remake. But the film is a full-scale musical, in the vein of Mary Poppins , combining live-action and animation in depicting the story of a boy and his pet dragon.

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    Most of the songs are as forgettable as the whole film, but at the midpoint, there's "Candle on the Water," a truly underrated piece of music. As sung by Helen Reddy, it's a hopeful but still downbeat ballad performed by a character singing to her lost love. By the end of the film, that lost love returns in a cop-out moment , but "Candle on the Water" is a hymn of sacrifice and sadness.

    The title of this song spells out that it's going to be something of a downer. Early in the Henry Selick-directed stop-motion animated film, Jack Skellington sings of his ennui and disaffection. While he's the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, Jack has grown bored and dissatisfied, wishing he could find some other joy in his life. The sequence with this song, performed by composer Danny Elfman who provides Jack's singing voice throughout , features a truly memorable image in which Jack saunters down a spooky forest tendril that spools out in front of him.

    The song itself is a bit of a dirge, but appropriately downbeat. Just as Toy Story was patient zero for proving the worth of feature-length computer animation, so too was "I Will Go Sailing No More" the test case for one of Pixar's go-to storytelling choices over the last quarter-century.

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    As much as Pixar films are fun, funny, exciting, and more, they're also largely intended to make you cry your eyes out.