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Mary-Ann Prack creates ceramic figure sculptures in her distinctive style. Each sculpture is elegant, organic and reveals its own presence, personality and energy when viewed in person.

Linda Spillane draws, etches, carves and hand paints one-of-a-kind gourds with designs representing her Native American heritage and connection to nature, along with Asian and Celtic motifs. The gallery welcomes four more new artists. Small artworks by Leigh Williams using alcohol inks and mixed media add colorful abstracts with intriguing configurations for a nice approach to contemporary art.

For more information about the Retrospective Exhibition by Toni Carlton see. Andrew Braitman's Exhibition extended - September Carlton Gallery continues its 37th Mid-Summer Group Exhibition where paintings, glass, sculpture, wood, clay, fiber and jewelry by local, regional, and national artisans are showcased. His abstracted landscapes are rendered in brilliant colors of thick paint, textures and conceptual shapes with subtle details, along with a composed balance of elements to bring life and signature to his work. This exhibition run through September 25th.

Making a water color painting out of a photo in Photoshop

Hours are 10 a. Tuesday through Saturday and a. These Tours are held on the fourth Saturday, June through November with yellow signs marking the venues and maps are available at the gallery. He plans a discussion on beauty and substance in his creative process. His paintings project his brilliant color combinations and compositions which make his work very powerful and dramatic. Braitman is a full-time painter for over forty years with international stature. This group exhibition also features local, regional, and national artisans whose work entails Glass, Wood, Sculpture, Jewelry, Clay and Fiber and can be viewed through September Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.

The Opening Reception is from 2 to 5 with some of the standing gallery artists in attendance to greet visitors and patrons. Everyone is invited to enjoy this 37th Mid-Summer Group Exhibition which can be viewed through September Andrew Braitman is a full-time painter for over forty years with international stature.

Powerful Watercolor Landscapes: Tools for Painting with Impact

Their new work consists of subject matter from tranquil landscapes, lovely still life interiors, engaging figurative to Native American motifs. Also, a wide variety of fine art and upscale handmade crafts from the local, regional and national artisans the gallery represents can be found in Paintings, Glass, Wood, Sculpture, Clay, Jewelry and Fiber for this Mid-Summer Group Exhibition.

Worm is a noted figurative painter who plans to employ her techniques of watercolor gouache with a live model from 11 am to 1 pm. Local artist, Egidio Antonaccio, plans a landscape painting demonstration from pm to pm. He is an exceptionally talented fine art painter whose impressionistic landscapes show his love of nature with vast panoramic hillside views; paths filled with flowering shrubs; woodland waterfalls with native rhododendron and dogwood; pastoral farm scenes to an ingenious rendered Grandfather Mountain.

Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 to 5 and to on Sunday. Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 25 from 2 to 5 p. This is an opportunity for visitors and patrons to meet many of the standing gallery artists in attendance. This event is open to the public and free of charge. The abstracted landscapes of Andrew Braitman epitomize his passion for trees and water rendered in his broad strokes and exceptional color palette. Tonya Bottomley exhibits non-objective abstracts with an orderly composition of lines and shapes in a soft color palette while Lisa Boardwine layers textures, marks and color to create a history of surface on her oil and cold wax paintings.

New figurative work by Kate Worm is soft and lyrical with moments of intrigue, as well as compositionally complete. Laura Hughes renders contemporary paintings which bridge realism and abstraction to capture the drama and beauty of the horse. Her colorful two dimensional large paintings are about scale, size and substance; therefore the composition, balance and visual interest are key components to her work.

Colorful still lifes by Mary Dobbin are filled with flowers and other objects which portray a moment in time of a place dedicated to harmony and contemplation with a stirring, soulful beauty that stays with you. The synthesis of realism and imagination in the art of Trena McNabb reflects her interest in nature and the environment by windows created by overlapping images and adding many layers to the narrative. Even though her paintings are overflowing with flora, fauna, birds, and animals, they display an astute knowledge of linear perspective.

The water color landscape paintings of Freeman Beard capture color, mood and truth of his subject.

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Whether it is mist hanging on a mountainside, water cascading over mountain streams, or the sweet glimpse of a hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower, his attention to details captured in water colors is without precedence. New three dimensional work in this exhibition contains sculptural assembled glass by Fred Mead, along with turned and carved vessels and bowls by John Melius.

Wrought iron and stone Sundials are designed by Jim Cotter. Mary-Ann Prack exhibits ceramic cubist style masks on stands.

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This exhibit can be viewed through July Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 5 and 11 to 5 on Sunday. Thank you so much for your kind support of the gallery and the Arts!

Tips for Creating Strong Compositions in your Paintings

We look forward to seeing many of you Saturday, December 15 - to meet and support our local artisans, Ellie Lyne, Linda Spillane and Lynn Shallis. December is a very special, quieter time to visit our beautiful Mountains. Hand-made, artistic gifts are at Carlton Gallery for that special someone or hard to buy for person on your list. Local artist, Ellie Lyne, is exhibiting her whimsical, decorated mixed media cigar boxes, "Treasure Boxes" at the gallery.

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Ellie has decorated boxes for many years for her own enjoyment and is now offering them for purchase. Using mixed media and acrylic collage techniques combined with an assortment of images and fabrics she has collected for many years, her re-purposed cigar boxes are a treat for viewers to see, collect or purchase for a dear friend. She spent her childhood in the woods studying animals, plants and the natural world. Linda draws, etches, carves and hand paints her one of a kind gourds. Others symbolize her. Lynn Shallis creates one of a kind sculptural works in basketry and felted wool.

Her multicolored hand dyed basketry combines exquisite traditional forms with contemporary designs embodying excellent craftsmanship and flair of creativity. Lynn's hand felted Fox is a show-stopper!

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Color, shape and size each play their part. Inspiration comes. Using some and discarding others, a basket coalesces as this process takes place. We look forward to seeing our friends during this wonderful time of year. Everyone is invited to visit the decorated gallery to start the season of good cheer and community spirit. Hot cider and light refreshments will be offered and this event is free of charge. This Exhibition contains paintings in oil, acrylic, water color and mixed media. The gallery represents many local, regional and national artisans whose artwork and handmade crafts are beautifully rendered and of exceptional quality.

Small works in paintings, glass, sculpture, clay and jewelry are one-of-a kind and make thoughtful gifts of exquisite treasures for this special time of year. For this Art Tour, Toni Carlton will be available from to provide information on painting workshops conducted by talented gallery artists based upon the skill level and interest of the participant.

This is a good opportunity to learn about the talented artists at the gallery, along with their teaching methods. Handmade fine crafts on exhibit include clay wall sculptures by Valerie Schnaufer; wrought iron and stone swing tables by James Cotter, along with contemporary cabinets made with several types of wood by Keith Allen.

Recent clay works by Molly Lithgo and Jim Rientjes bring a contemporary flare in their functional pottery with hand painted and carved artistic expressions. John Melius is a new artist to the gallery whose vessels feature different types of inlaid woods to form a beautiful kaleidoscopic pattern. Amy Sullivan, Dottie Leatherwood and Paul Hastings beautifully illume each other in their depth of talent and harmony of spirit. All three artists bring an immediacy to their paintings, along with a sense of refined presence.

One feels as if the place captured on canvas is personally known. These artists are interested in creating a universal and timeless statement of their subject matter. The effects of light, atmosphere, weather conditions and seasons all contribute to her capturing on canvas timeless beauty. The beauty of the High Country is for our benefit, therefore the underlying harmony of the landscape as painted by Leatherwood is an expression of love — she gets great joy and fulfillment in studying nature directly and seeking the best elements to convey her emotions.

Barns where tobacco leaves were hung to cure after harvest ranged as high as one half million in North Carolina alone until the mid-twentieth century. Amy Sullivan is fascinated by the remaining paragons of a by-gone era as she honors and preserves barns in her memorial oil and cold wax paintings. Sullivan renders barns in an abstracted manner using a limited color palette. She draws the viewer into the painting by its moody complexity. Her intriguing barns evoke memories and emotions which allow ones imagination to soar. His colors, format and composition evoke a big impact, as his paintings glow with a luminescence bordering on the surreal.

Capturing the subtleties of the light and shadows on cloud formations against an artfully blended sky is his greatest pursuit. He employs an artistic freedom of expression in his choice of colors as each paintings is very harmonious. This Exhibition features two gallery artists whose work transcends the color spectrum.

Nature is a balance — it is always changing, settling, and peaceful, and the abstracted landscape paintings of Andrew Braitman illustrate these characteristics. Color is a big component in his paintings and seems to come naturally. His paintings are rendered with thick paint, texture and a surprise that appears on each canvas bringing life and signature to his work.

Andrew Braitman is an artist with immense talent along with a strong work ethic which enables him to paint six days a week — Monday through Saturday. The non-objective abstract paintings of Lisa Boardwine stem from a subconscious and intuitive process. Essential to her paintings is the layering of textures, marks and color to create a history of surface which contains the essence of special places and captured memories.

Her travels to Italy and exposure to the eroding nature of ancient architecture are a major influence in her work. The painting process for Boardwine involves layers upon layers of paint on cradled panels, paper and canvas.