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It ended up being part of a risky experiment: merging a bunch of unrelated cartoons into one epic film. Mickey got a short-lived makeover in this cartoon that had him looking like other animator's styles. He had a slimmer body and larger head, hands and feet. Good thing this redesign didn't last very long, though. Mickey started looking like his old self before the end of World War II.

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This was Walt's last time voicing Mickey Mouse, which featured him retelling the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. Donald was none too pleased when Mickey brought home a handful of magic beans, but at least it let them discover that Willie the Giant had the stolen Golden harp! This show would eventually bring many music stars into the limelight, including Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling, who all went on to have lucrative careers.

Mickey got reimagined with an electric vibe for Walt Disney Home Entertainment releases, so this little guy was seen on many movies from the s on out. His iconic ears and nose are still highly recognizable despite the distorted electric silhouettes creating his image in profile.

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Mickey plays the kind-hearted Bob Cratchit next to the crotchety Scrooge McDuck who would go on to later spinoffs. It also marks one of the few times Mickey's nephews were ever seen on screen.

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Aside from Donald Duck, who had the honor earlier. It turns out he looks pretty good in CGI, but most of his animation is still done in 2D to maintain the classic look we've come to love. Mickey gets the video game treatment again in 's Epic Mickey! Disney finally reacquired Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who appeared alongside Mickey in the game. Of course, the legendary Frank Welker did the voice work for him. The game would go on to receive multiple sequels!

In , Frozen had a little special short at the beginning. It featured Oswald, who'd been gone from Disney cartoons for 84 years, as well as a blend of animation styles. Two weeks of work went into giving us Walt's voice from assembled tracks to join the rest of the classic voices. Mickey's latest look from his recent shorts uses Flash and approaches the classic character with a retro look based on his good old days. The cartoons clock in at a mere three minutes and the first season episode "Croissante de Triomphe" even won an Emmy!

Headed to a Disney theme park? Well, your first impulse might be to grab a family Disney costume plus a few more for the rest and blend in with the cast. Well, that's a tad frowned upon at the parks—those cast members are working hard! It started off as a quirky fun way for a blogger to try out some fashion and oh boy did it take off!

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It's the perfect way to dress as your favorite character without going in full costume by blending some character themes into everyday clothes and adding some great accessories. Here are just some of the great ideas that we've come up with for Disney Bounding. Draw inspiration from them to create your own fabulous look. Hades has a fiery temper and hair to match!

This Disney Bound idea starts with a bright blue wig which you can find right here , some gold bracelets , and a few items that you may just have lying around in your closet, like a black skirt and a few color coordinated pieces for a top. Talk about an easy and fun Disney Bound outfit! Fix-It Felix Jr. All you need for this cute look is some cut-off jeans, a blue button up and a matching blue hat. Gaston is another quick and fun look to make from items you probably already have! All you need is a dark red shirt, a mustard yellow scarf to mimic his collar and add some yellow gloves You have yourself a great, villainous look to wear to a Disney theme park!

This Jafar look is one that you can get a little crafty with! All you need to do is trim the sleeves off of a plain black t-shirt, a high-waisted maxi skirt and a red scarf for a belt. Our version adds this Ankh staff to the mix, but you may want to leave that at home if heading to a theme park. Baymax , from Big Hero 6 , is one cute robot and you can get his look rolling for a Disney Bound style in no time!

It just requires a lot of whites, mixed with a pair of dark, circular shades. Of course, you might just want to pair your costume with a red lollipop to coincide with his healing ways from the movie. Gifts for Girls NEW! Interests Clothing. COM US. CA CA.


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AU AU. EU EU. MX MX. Recently Viewed Items Recently Viewed. Adult Costumes Kids Costumes. Walt Disney created characters that we loved and cherished in our childhood. Today, our kids also love Disney, so we've been dragged to watch all the new Disney movies and find ourselves singing along, too. Here at Halloween Costumes, we want to give you the option to dress up as those beloved characters we all love. Find below your favorite Disney character costumes and you'll be right on your way to have the time of your life! Sort By Popular. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 … 11 Next. Disney Costumes For nearly a century, Walt Disney movies have charmed audiences with the heartwarming tales of valiant heroes and adventurous princesses, so it's really no surprise that everyone wants to put on a Disney costume and take on the role of their favorite characters.

Disney Halloween Costumes The best way to feel part of a whole new world of Disney is with a Disney costume.

Kronk Costume Disney characters are always an interesting mix of good and naughty. Mary Poppins Costume We all know that Disney is magical, but Mickey's attempts at sorcery in was nothing compared to the curious powers that Mary Poppins brought to the screen. Incredible Costume Disney isn't all princesses and paupers, curses and critters. Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume Even when you do go the route of the princess look, Disney has a way of making their little monarchs dodge the dresses! Disney Princess Costumes Being a princess in the wide world of Disney isn't as easy as it's cracked up to be!

Snow White Costume When the Evil Queen asks her magic mirror who the fairest of them all might be, she could have been more careful with her words. Mulan Costume There are a lot of different characteristics of a princess. Belle Costume Every princess has something different to offer the Disney universe.

Disney Moana Costume If we're talking about recognizable style and the best animal companion out there, it is hard not to pay attention to the gal who has the entire ocean on her side! Disney Villain Costumes There are few arenas where you can see villains that are even better crafted than the good guys. Gaston Costume Let's look at the Beauty and the Beast baddy for a second. Yzma Costume Just how often is an advisor forced to watch the lazy guy in charge make mistakes.

The parables pages are good coloring pages to relate with the stories of Bible.