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Now this animal, Larry, lives in the rain forest, and it actually eats, like, vegetation, dead vegetation. So they're very, very important to the rain forest, this animal is. Look how he moves; he moves very slow, and all those legs -- and it's not a centipede, it's a millipede.

Centipedes, they can sting you; the millipede can't hurt you. But there's a bunch of unique different types of insects. KING: I want to thank Zoo To You ph for all their help tonight; the Moorpark teaching college, Joe Cravallo back their; Friends of a Feather; and the Sea World of San Diego for their cooperation and all the help you bring here -- the trucks and the animals; and I know what it takes to put this together.

KING: And we really appreciate it; you've made so many appearances on this show, but you've given us a better understanding of animals, an appreciation of animals, and a love for animals. Johnson ph , our producer, for allowing me go around the country and do all these shows.

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And then we're going into Africa in April and May on one of our family trips. Hopefully Kaia ph can go with us. We're going to be in Botswana and that part of Africa. Check out my Web site, send me an e-mail, I want to hear from you -- so do the animals. Contact us at www. We thank all of our guests. A retrospective on our life and times with President Clinton on Saturday. And next Monday night, exclusive interview with Elizabeth Taylor.

The Adventures of Larry the Lemur

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Go To KING: Animals never seen before! KING: Larry the lemur! KING: What is this? What is a lemur? No, no. Just don't drink that. That's a little water there. They have a KING: Why can't he drink water? KING: Another first. KING: So they're endangered? And this KING: Good thinking. KING: Whoa! KING: Moving like KING: He's an unusual animal. KING: There he goes! KING: The lemur. And give my regards to his cousin, Larry. Next we have, I understand, a hornbill. Yeah, this is Joe Cravallo ph. KING: This is -- this guy is weird.

Joe's a KING: What is -- wait a minute. He's got two beaks. It's called a rhino hornbill And here, take some grapes.

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KING: No, no, no. KING: I take some grapes? And throw them -- he's got very good eyesight. Get half-way close.

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He's watching you. Let's get all the grapes. There we go. One at a time? KING: Oh! Good boy! KING: Why? KING: I never saw anything like this. KING: Now, his eyesight KING: Excellent? It's unbelievable. KING: Now, this wouldn't be a pet, would it.

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KING: Thank you. I like grapes. KING: Good grapes.

Larry The Lemur

KING: Really? KING: Didn't know that. KING: You told me it was your favorite place you visit. Favorite city in the world. This is an arctic fox, Larry, from Seaworld. Why do we have ice here? KING: He's comfortable in ice. KING: Whoa, does he feel good! KING: Do they use this for coats?

KING: They -- they kill these and makes coats out of them. KING: How you going to pick them up?

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KING: So he couldn't live in the tropics. KING: Boy, that's KING: So you got to have ice around him all the time. We've never had one of these on, as well. KING: No. Never saw this. The arctic fox.