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Ask Seller a Question. Claus Saved Christmas takes readers on a sleigh ride through the history of Christmas in America that lands smack-dab in , as a new reality TV show threatens to destroy the true spirit of Christmas. This third installment in Jeff Guinn's bestselling Christmas Chronicles series finds Santa facing perhaps the biggest challenge of his career.

As Santa himself relates in this delightful holiday read, the trouble began in , when a Philadelphia merchant named J. Parkinson hired a neighbor to dress as Kris Kringle in order to lure shoppers into his dry-goods store. Much to Santa's chagrin, it's been pretty much downhill since. It seems everybody wants a piece of Christmas, and through the years it has gotten worse- to the point that not a Christmas can go by without phony Santas posing on street corners across the country.

But when, in , it's announced that a new reality TV show called The Great Santa Search will feature a competition to find the "real" St. Nicholas, Santa knows it's time to step in! He lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Visit Seller's Storefront. Standard and expedited shipping options include shipping and handling costs.

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The Christmas Chronicles: Movie Review, Soundtrack, Cast List

List this Seller's Books. The widow mother Claire Kimberly Williams-Paisley struggles to hold the family together, especially the older child, Teddy Judah Lewis who has started stealing cars. The younger child, Kate Darby Camp nevertheless hopes to keep the Christmas spirit alive. While watching old Christmas videos, Kate notices a strange arm appear out of the fireplace. Kate believes this is Santa Claus and asks Teddy to help her prove he exists. Teddy is skeptical and refuses to help, but Kate blackmails him with a video of him stealing a car earlier that day.

The two set up a makeshift trip wire by the fireplace linking it to a Christmas bell and set up a camera behind a door with the knob removed where they wait. Kate is woken up by the bell and sees Santa in their living room, but he leaves before Teddy can see him. However, they hear him moving on the roof and go outside. When they get on the street, they see Santa's sleigh and reindeer floating above them.

They also see Santa hopping from rooftop to rooftop at light speed.

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Kate decides to hide in the sleigh to get a closer look at Santa, to which Teddy objects, though he reluctantly follows her. Santa eventually returns to the sleigh and rides off with the kids in tow. When Kate decides to make her presence known, Santa and the reindeer are startled and he loses control of the sleigh.

After teleporting to Chicago, Illinois , the sleigh breaks down, causing the reindeer to scatter and the bag of presents to be lost. When they crash, Santa Kurt Russell officially introduces himself to the kids, who are surprised at his different-than expected-appearance.

Santa tells them that he has to get back to delivering presents as soon as possible or else Christmas Spirit will be gone, explaining that the last time it happened, the Dark Ages occurred. Without his hat, which was also lost in the crash, Santa can't move quickly or through tight spaces like he does, so the kids are forced to help Santa after he threatens to list them as bad kids permanently for ruining Christmas and will give them coal for life.

They stop at a bar where Santa tries to seek help from the patrons by remembering all of their previous Christmas wishes. When they get no assistance, they eventually resolve to steal a Dodge Challenger , which itself was already stolen by the bartender, an ex-convict on the "Naughty List Hall of Fame". On December 25, , in the car, Santa makes a makeshift radio out of random objects to listen in to the police frequency, to locate his reindeer and lookout for patrol vehicles.

Kate goes after the reindeer by herself while Santa and Teddy lure the police away in the car. The kids manage to fly away on the reindeer, which only Officer Jameson observes, leaving the other officers dumbstruck.

When they land, Teddy confides to Kate that he wishes he could speak to their dad one more time. They find the bag in a park and Kate goes into the bag to find help.

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She ends up getting teleported to the North Pole. She finds a letter written to Santa by Teddy this year, where he asks Santa to allow him to speak to his dad. She then spots the elves, who have her tied up. When she explains what happened to Santa, they show her a book called "True Believers" and sees that her entire family is listed, except for Teddy.

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Seeing that Kate is a True Believer, the elves agree to help her. Meanwhile, Teddy is attacked by a group of thugs who take him and the bag to their hideout. When the leader finds the bag filled with presents with coal in them, he tries to dispose of the bag and Teddy until the elves come out and attack everyone. They think Teddy is one of the thugs and attack him as well until Kate stops them. The group then goes to repair Santa's sleigh.

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At the police precinct, Santa tries to explain his situation to Officer Poveda, who is unconvinced, even when Santa correctly tells him about his own life. He even magically pulls out toys Poveda wanted as a child to try and convince him, but Poveda remains skeptical. When Santa reveals his wish this year is to reconcile with his ex-wife Lisa, who also shares that wish, Poveda is taken aback, but still refuses to believe him and has him locked in the holding cell, though he becomes suspicious when he sees a larger number of arrests than usual on Christmas Eve. Seeing that Christmas Spirit has gotten too low, Santa gathers all the inmates to perform a musical number of " Santa Claus Is Back in Town ", which works amongst all the officers except Poveda.

Poveda is finally convinced when he receives a call from Lisa, who invites him out for coffee in the morning, and agrees to let Santa go. One of the elves arrives through the air vent to give Santa a spare hat. Santa goes outside to find his sleigh repaired.