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Though Photoshop always had a number of blur filters, they never truly fascinated the photographers. Field Blur empowers us with unique ways to create blur effect on our image. This lesson takes us through the process of using Iris Blur, which is a second of the new blur filters introduced in the Blur Gallery of Photoshop. Besides having all the capabilities of the Field Blur, Iris Blur has some other ways to precisely manage the techniques and areas the blurring effect is used.

While working with photographs of people, Skin Tones enables you to select the skin tones of the people. Photoshop selects skin tones, and if Color Range select tones of other parts of an image, there is a feature of Detect Faces checkbox to tackle it. For photographers of all levels, pros and novices, taking snaps in RAW is essential to get high-quality results.

This tutorial takes us through all the important features in Camera RAW 7. Since the introduction of Camera RAW, there have been lots of enhancements in every new version of Photoshop. It continued and now, for photographers working with RAW images, Camera Raw has been upgraded to version 7. Learn about new enhancements in this tutorial.

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In this tutorial, you will see how the Adaptive Wide Angle filter in Photoshop enables us to create a distortion-free vertical panorama and fine-tune the stitched image. In Photoshop, Adaptive Wide Filter is a powerful tool for the photographers, which enables to quickly achieve effects on the images, when there is a less space. There are lots of impressive new tools in Photoshop, which are added in a free beta version, like Type Styles. The addition of Type Styles makes it easy and quicker to define text styles, just as seen in InDesign; it works the same for both paragraphs and characters.

In this tutorial lesson, a poppy photograph is used to show some secret techniques of applying the oil paint filter in order to achieve the desired results.

You have been familiar with the built-in filter, which was used to give painting effects to the photographs, but those were not so attractive. Adobe has released new Oil Paint Filter in Photoshop, which is worth-using. This lesson covers many of the new 3D features and workflows introduced in CS6, which are the best and the designers will probably use the most. In this tutorial, you will practice spelling the word Bicubic in capital letters shaped buildings. Lighting Effects filter has got a few new and enhanced features which are great to achieve different types of lighting effects.

This impressively smart crop tool helps in quickly fixing common distortion and perspective issues in a photograph. Go through this tutorial to learn about it. These new and relatively obscure gradients in Photoshop are great to give nice-looking stylish effects. Before clicking on the following video understanding where to dodge and burn is most important.

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The tools and methods you use to dodge and burn is simple and actually isn't important. Understanding where and how much to dodge and burn is the key to success here. Again, there are dozens of ways to dodging and burning, so don't get hung up on the tools to use. Concentrate on understanding where to do it and how much.

Just follow the techniques used by makeup artists. They understand this best. Then set layer Blend mode to Soft Light.

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Add a black mask. Make sure you're mask is selected when you're painting. Before you move on take note: If you aren't happy with you image at this point then the toning portion will not change how you feel about the image. Toning will only add a little bit to an already solid image. Before we jump into toning the key thing to keep in mind is toning is not about throwing on random colors and filters.

This goes beyond toning though. Its critical to keep this in mind when picking wardrobe and location.

27. Photoshop Tutorial: Black and White Photos with ACR 7

My friend Nino Batista wrote an amazing article on resizing images for social media worth reading. He is known for his naturally lit portraits and unique retouching techniques. Dani is currently running "The Project" - Taking headshots of fellow photographers as he travels the world. Seen some of these, many are new to me. Thanks for compiling this, I look forward to going thru them. Thank you for sharing this Dani, I have been following you for a while now and I really like your work! Wow, just as epic as you'd promised!

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  • Thanks a lot Dani. Like many, been following you for a while now and am forging my growth from your style of work. If I wanted to be the best basketball player, I'd copy Michael Jordan's shot, right? A few Natural Light Portraits on my page if you want to take a look. This is a great compilation of all the "greatest hits" - I think if you have a strong picture to start with these will definitely help push it to an even better place Thank you much.

    Some of these I learned a while ago but I have a very bad memory so it was refreshing while others I took notes and will be using them more in my workflow. Good stuff! Thank you so much for all you do for the photography community.

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    This is excellent information. I would love to meet you someday!! Looking forward to setting aside some time to go through these. Thanks so much for putting it all together and sharing Dani! Dani, You're awesome So many people don't believe in sharing! This Photoshop tutorial will show you a new tone matching te read more. Photoshop CC has a transformation tool that's almost like magic! The Perspective Warp tool lets you change the perspective in your image so tha read more.

    The tone curve is one of the most useful tool for photographers. It can be used to make any tonal adjustments like brightening your image and addin read more.

    Did you know that Photoshop has a lot of photographic toning presets made for you already? Adobe hired a photographer to create 39 gradient map pre read more. Learn my biggest Photoshop secret: the "tone chart". I like it so mu read more.

    Retro effects are one of the most popular ways to stylize your photo and give it a nostalgic feeling. There are many ways to create these effects b read more. Learn how to use luminosity masking in Photoshop.